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A drooping manor house in the wilting countryside of Frumbley-vale housing the hateful and decrepit Anstruther-Mogg sisters. Once a site of many a lavish ball and breakfast, host to Lairds and Ladies and Knights and Knaves, its winding, fretful corridors now sit empty except for the spiteful hurryings and evil thoughts of the uncountable goblin sorority.

This award winning resource zine for your favourite fantasy roleplaying game contains 59 goblin sisters of various qualities and temperaments as well as a number of secrets and rumours and lies about them. 

The evocative illustrations and descriptions of the goblin NPCs create a rich implied setting for your game, and the rumours from the townspeople give you enough structure to create a unique adventure in the dilapidated countryside estate. 


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Buy Now£7.00 GBP or more

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This zine contains a system-agnostic OSR treasure trove of fifty-nine grim and grubby gentrified goblins. It is like someone was making a Gormenghast film, but the only actors available were Brain Fraud's Goblins - they are trying to play their roles straight, but it keeps coming apart at the seams. The description for each entry layers with the others, adding as much detail to the Manor and it's surrounding landscape as it does each individual goblin itself.  The art inside is integral to the zine. It is messy and simple in exactly the same way I expected the goblins I was reading about. This style lends itself to the method of production. Everything about this zine - text, art and layout - ties together. It very much puts over the decay and disgust that underscores aristocrats both fictional and real.