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Iolanthe's frantic footsteps echoed through the deserted courtyard as the last reverberations of the morning bells faded into the crisp summer air. Her eyes stung where tears of frustration began to well up, a deluge of angst held back by a crumbling levee of stubborn determination. The banks finally broke when a cruel gust rose and tore the pages from her fingers, whisking away with them her hopes of a getting her assignment in on time. She collapsed to her knees by the edge of the fountain, shoulders heaving with each bitter sob.

The Rain Still Falls in my Heart is a one page table-top roleplaying game about messy high school relationships and purple prose; it's a game about girls and lesbians of all genders. Nothing is straight forward at this school; everyone has a secret and a past, and nobody knows how to talk about their true feelings.

For fans of Dear Brother and other overwrought shoujo manga from the 70s.

Illustration by Axe Marnie! @axe_marnie on Twitter.

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Buy Now£2.00 GBP or more

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I really like the concept behind this game, but after reading the pdf, I really struggle to figure out what you're actually meant to do in the game. I think adding a little more information as to how you actually play would help things out a little.

Hi there! You're in luck, there's currently a slightly expanded version in the works with an introduction scenario full of NPCs with entangled personal relationships! 

Thank you very much for reading it!

Awesome, that's really cool to hear! I can't wait to read it.